We provide the equipment, maintenance, repair, consultations and barista trainings.


Founded in 2017, Dhondheenaa Pvt. Ltd. has built upon its reputation for unparalleled service and has grown into a national specialty beverage distributor for the industry’s premier coffee and tea companies. We take immense pride in working with some of the most prestigious chefs, restauranteurs, and hotels in the country. Our capabilities extend into the evolving world of extracts and ingredients — creating new possibilities for culinary applications and exciting new beverage choices for customers.

Throughout these years of growth and expansion, we have always stayed focused on what really matters:

  • Exceeding our customers’ expectations
  • Delivering outstanding products and excellence in service
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • Making a positive impact in the industry and the world

As we look toward the future, we will continue to build on our expertise in sourcing and procuring high-quality coffee and tea, as well as developing and delivering innovative beverage products and solutions to help drive your beverage platform’s profitability.


Our Products

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